Sorry, Val and Mark, but there's a new professional ballroom dancer who's captured our hearts on "Dancing With the Stars." This season, we're all about Keo Motsepe, the 26-year-old South African hoofer who's currently partnered with "Fuller House" star Jodie Sweetin on the hit reality TV show. caught up with Keo -- who first joined the series during Season 19 in 2014 -- to get the scoop on Season 22, what it's like dancing with the former child star, controlling his temper in the ballroom and more! Keep reading for five of the biggest takeaways from our chat.

No. 1: Keo occasionally gets the cameramen involved in his rehearsals

The 26 year old knows that when it comes to "Dancing With the Stars," being a good dancer means nothing if you're not a good teacher: "It's pointless if you know that your partner is a visual learner and you keep on explaining details to her and you tell her big words," he says. "She'll look at you like, 'What's going on? Explain to me clearer and after explaining to me, show me! Like, dance it in front of me.'"

Fortunately, Keo has his partner figured out. "Jodie is a visual learner," he says. "And I'm very practical. I'll use stuff in the room -- I'll use chairs or tables to show her [the chorepgraphy]. I'll use the story producers or the camera guys in the room, like, 'Come here, I just want to show Jodie what I mean when I want her to hold me.' So then she gets it. She watches it and goes, 'Oh, that's what you mean. OK, great!' That's how I teach her: I explain and then I show her."

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No. 2: Despite his nice guy rep, Keo admits that even he snaps sometimes -- and he credits the show's producers with keeping his image intact!

"Trust me, they're not showing anything of [that]," the professional dancer says of his occasional outbursts.

"[Jodie] knows that it doesn't come from a bad place," he adds. "There are times when I'll snap -- I'll be like, 'OK, you already did that. I just showed you how to do that step!' But I don't shout at her. I just raise my voice. It's not shouting … I've been doing that lately, and she gives me a look like, 'You've never raised your voice like that to me!' Yeah, it's Week 7! That's what's gonna happen."

No. 3: But it's OK because Jodie Sweetin is actually tough as nails

After suffering multiple injuries during recent weeks of the competition, Stephanie Tanner shows no signs of slowing down. "She comes to every week like nothing happened," Keo says of his partner. "She's just pushing even harder. She's like, 'Nothing will stop me. I want this.' … She's very dedicated. She pushes herself through anything. As soon as she puts her head into something, she goes for it."

No. 4: Still, they won't be pushing it this week

Despite Jodie's desire to destroy the competition, Team MoSweet will be holding back this week to give the actress time to recover from her recent leg injury. "We're very careful with what we do," says Keo, noting that there will be "no lifting upside down and [none of] her lifting me."

No. 5: Keo is freakishly calm about the fact that he's now made it further in the competition than he ever has before

During his first three seasons on "Dancing With the Stars," Keo never made it past the third week of competition. Surprisingly, that hasn't increased the pressure for the dashing dancer. "Every week is like my first time," he says. "Every week is a new challenge. But I give it everything cause I've never been there."

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