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Hello Earthlings!

Khloe Kardashian is one of the many people who believes that we are not alone and is adamant that she witnessed a UFO over Los Angeles this past weekend.

Social and traditional media exploded on Nov. 7 when a bright blue streak appeared across the sky. Many thought it was a remaining trail from the Taurid meteor shower from last week. The Pentagon said it was a pre-planned, unarmed missile test fired off the California coast by a U.S. Navy submarine.

Khloe (and Kendall Jenner, for that matter) isn't buying it!

"UFOs are real!!! Tripping out," she wrote while Tweeting out a video of the sight in the sky.

She later said, "Kendall and I are spazzing out!!!!!! #UFO." Kendall echoed those claims on Twitter, saying, "Khloe and I are freaking out right now over this UFO situation."

Khloe even took shots at the country, suggesting that it's in the government's best interest to convince the world that alien life doesn't exist.

"What do we expect people to say? Obvi they are going to say it's a meteor shower," she tweeted. "I'm such a conspiracy theorist." She included an alien emoji in her thoughts, telling her 16.9 million Twitter followers that she was really enjoying her extra terrestrial moment.

She continued using the hashtag "We Are Not Alone."

The truth is out there ... and by "out there" we mean Khloe's Twitter feed! (Cue the haunting music!)