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Chalk one up for Khloe Kardashian.

The reality star was in some hot legal water after she commissioned a late-night fireworks show off the coast of Marina Del Ray, California, for boyfriend James Harden's birthday in August.

Khloe was being sued by a resident named James Ferguson who said that his life was drastically altered by the mortars and nighttime explosions.

He also claimed that the noise traumatized his dog, who he says will never be the same.

In small claims court, Ferguson said the explosions created "a disturbance that harmed our family and pet."

He was suing for $7,500 but didn't show up to court, so the judge dismissed the lawsuit.

Shortly after the fireworks display, residents began wondering how the light show was even allowed to happen. It was later discovered that Khloe and James didn't need a permit to set off the insanely over-the-top production.

They only needed the Coast Guard to sign off on the safety of the display -- which they did.

It's hard to keep up with Khloe.