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Kim Kardashian West was patiently waiting to lose just a few more pounds to get back to her pre-baby weight, but she simply plateaued in her weight loss. However, when in doubt, call in your workout warrior sister to help you.

"It's impossible. Khloe [Kardashian] has this fitness emergency kit that she's made and created herself," Kim told E! News. "It's a backpack full of these things and one of them is a sweat suit that she made that makes you sweat. And there's this workout band and these workout things. She literally dropped it off yesterday because I was like, 'I've gotta just lose these last 5 pounds,' so I'm just going to follow Khloe's lead."

Khloe, Kim said, plans to market this particular "emergency kit."

Kim has been very open about her weight and her battle to get back to her goal weight. She spoke about it on her subscription-based app and website earlier this week, saying, "Having a positive self-image has always been important to me because it affects so many aspects of my life: my work, my relationship with my husband and my life as a mom."

She continued, "After I had [daughter North West], there was a part of me that was nervous about whether I'd be able to get back to anywhere near my pre-pregnancy weight and feel confident again, since I was now 50 pounds heavier. I knew I had to put in a lot of work, but I got there—it took me a good six or seven months. After 10 months, I felt like I was even better than before. I was curvier. I really felt like all the hard work paid off."

Kim "had a hard time" feeling comfortable during her first pregnancy with North, and she often tried to "cover up" her curves.

"The second time around, it was easier for me to embrace the changes," she wrote. "I loved finding looks that showed off my pregnancy curves."

Once her and Kanye West's second child, Saint West, was born, she "decided to set goals" for herself.

"I was motivated, but it was tough!," she said honestly. "It isn't easy to just bounce back."