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Fun fact: There are now as many people following Kim Kardashian on Intagram as there are people living Tokyo, the world's largest urban area.

Over the weekend, the mother of two shared an exclamation point-laden thank you note to fans after finding that she'd reached a new milestone on her favorite selfie machine.

"55 MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMGGGGG!!!!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!" she posted, along with a kissy-face selfie taken inside her Rolls Royce.

While Taylor Swift still has a leg up on Kim with nearly 60 million followers, the reality star has plenty of good reasons to feel happy vibes about social media this month. On Monday, Kim's fans will be able to include "Kimojis" in their phone communication, thanks to a new app that features animated renderings of Kim's hourglass figure, her face, her lips and last but not least her sparkler-adorned left hand -- with its middle finger raised demurely.

Kim's follower base on Twitter, meanwhile, is a bit smaller, having recently grown to 38 million.