Eat your heart out, Vincent Van Gogh! Kim Kardashian West's daughter decided to show off her artistic side on Tuesday, Feb. 7, much to her mother's chagrin.

She painted her bedroom purple with nail polish.

Parenting, ain't it fun!

Kim took to Snapchat Tuesday morning to show off her 3-year-old's unfortunate work in her bedroom.

"I go downstairs to get something for her brother for two seconds, and she paints her room purple with nail polish," Kim said in a Snapchat video. A white-turned-purple oversized "N" could be seen. Purple nail polish could be seen on parts of the North's white desk and on parts of the white wall.

Kim showed the polish on camera, too.

It seems that North knew she did something wrong so she attempted to help mom clean up, but more 3-year-old antics ensued. In a second Snapchat video, Kim showed that North had taken a paper towel and unrolled it all over the hardwood floor.

"Oh, thank you for helping me clean it up now," Kim said. "This is even more helpful."

As the little one jumps up and down on the paper towels, she can be heard telling her mom, "Don't step on it."

The mom-and-daughter duo seemed to have fun doing each other's hair and complimenting each other along the way. In one video, North is heard in the background telling her mom, "You looks so pretty."

The fact that North had her own nail polish isn't exactly surprising. While speaking at a beauty tutorial in Dubai, Kim said North has already developed a love for beauty.

"I have so many brushes and so much makeup, and now my daughter loves makeup," Kim said. "She has her own set."