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Daughter to the rescue? Kim Zolciak-Biermann wants a seventh child, but she's been told that she likely can't carry another child, so her 19-year-old daughter Brielle is offering her womb.

On the premiere of "Don't Be Tardy," Kim is adamant about bringing another baby to their brood. She even has a name picked out.

"If I could pick, I'd love to have another son, and his name would be Creed," she said.

Still, her psychic, Rose, told her that her child carrying days are over, especially given the mini-stroke she suffered in 2015.

"If I want Creed, I can guarantee you Creed will be here," she said, to which Brielle said, "Maybe I can be the one to carry it for you … to see if I like birth."

The episode ended before Kim could answer.

However, it seems that not everyone is totally onboard with the family expanding.

In a joint confessional with Kim, her husband Kroy said, "Right now? No. I dunno. In 10 years? Maybe." Kim's only response was side-eye.

Kim's 14-year-old daughter Ariana was also not jumping up and down at the the idea of having another sibling.

"All these kids are already annoying. They are not having a seventh child. They can have it after I leave," she said.

As much as Kim wants another child, there could be another issue preventing it: Kroy has had a vasectomy, which they have inquired about reversing.

"This guy's shooting blanks right now," he said. "Doesn't mean I'm not making bullets in the process."

Whether Brielle is serious or not, one thing is for sure, she's just like her mama. On Monday during New York Fashion Week, the two, despite the 19-year age difference, looked so identical in matching leather outfits that it was somewhat difficult to tell them apart.

Kim was photographed donning a plunging jumpsuit that left little to the imagination in showing off her cleavage. The black leather outfit was detailed with several gold zippers and she accessorized her risqué outfit with a choker and a matching black heart-shaped purse. Her mini-me was nearly a spitting image of mom, rocking a lace up-dress that showed off nearly as much cleavage, as well as a choker and duster jacket.