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Abs-olutely ripped! Kourtney Kardashian could be on the verge of a reconciliation with Scott Disick, but her single days sure did a body good.

The mother of three put her abs on full display this week while running errands in Los Angeles with her daughter, Penelope. To say that she looks impressive probably wouldn't do her justice.

Kourtney's toned abs could easily be seen as she donned a tight brown crop top that cut off just before her midsection, accompanied by high-waisted sweatpants, ankle boots, a leather jacket and sunglasses.

This is your modern-day mom, ladies and gentlemen.

Kourtney, clearly feeling her look, posted a reverse side-by-side pic of her outfit on her Instagram, captioning the image, "Yeezy Season 1, Part 2."

The reality star, per usual, rocked the outfit flawlessly, but it was that washboard stomach that is hard to turn away from. But, judging from her Instagram, she's worked hard for that figure, as she is consistently posting images while working out, whether at the gym or on hikes.

In late October, she posted a selfie of herself from the gym, writing, "Working out is one of the only things that helps when I'm feeling anxious."

She's also a firm supporter of waist trainers, much like her sisters.

"I am pretty much the queen of multitasking. Obsessed with anything where I am doing more than one thing at a time, especially since I skipped the gym today," she wrote on Instagram on Sept. 5. "A little Saturday morning waist cinching and working on my posture while cleaning out my closet. Thank you @premadonna87 @waistgangsociety for my obsession!!!"