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After a random man was able to walk into Kris Jenner's home office without being stopped, the momager has fired her entire security team, according to TMZ.

The site reports Kris was furious about the security breach but was never given an explanation as to how the man -- who'd reportedly taken a bus from Texas to Los Angeles to access the Kardashian / Jenner crew -- managed to get inside the house where Kim Kardashian's been staying with her kids since leaving the hospital following the birth of her son, Saint.

While Kris works out a plan to hire a new group of guards, she and her family will be monitored by her son-in-law Kanye West's security team, which TMZ reports is made up of off-duty police officers.

Earlier this year, Kris bulked up her security and ensured all the guards were armed after an obsessed fan sent her a creepy gift box containing hair and 40 pizzas.

The man who entered her home this week was reportedly taken into custody by police and put on a psychiatric hold.