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Let the record show that the Jenner/Kardashian family is happy about Rob Kardashian's relationship with Blac Chyna.

Since Rob started dating Chyna back in January 2016, the former recluse has completely turned his life around. He began slimming down after a 100-pound weight gain, and also started reconnecting with family members, appearing in public and smiling for the cameras.

In the new issue of Us Weekly, a source says, "The whole family sees that it's her who brought Rob back." Family matriarch Kris Jenner is said to be particularly thankful to the 27-year old model for everything she's doing. "Kris is so grateful to Blac Chyna for rehabilitating her son," the source tells the magazine.

The key to Chyna's success with Rob, according to a friend of the Arthur George sock designer, is the attention and care she shows him every day. Rob, 29, "went forever without any girl being interested in him," says the pal. "His confidence was shattered for so long, so to have this banging girl all over him has given him a new lease on life."

The happy couple tries to "have fun all day long." They workout together and Chyna cooks healthy meals for them to enjoy, which is why Rob has lost roughly 65 lbs. and counting.

There are still a few road mines to manage before the family can fully embrace Chyna and start including her in family functions, for example. She fell out with former bestie Kim Kardashian when her son's father, rapper Tyga, left her for Kim's youngest sister, Kylie Jenner.

Since that time, Chyna and Kylie have engaged in public social media battles. According to Us Weekly's source, "There's no ill will toward [Chyna], but yes, they're cautious because of the Kylie and Tyga situation."