Think Kylie Jenner is getting a bit lippy these days? Well, she is!

The 18-year-old dynamo's signature lip kits from Kylie Cosmetics are selling out at a wild pace and showing no signs of stopping.

Kylie, too, is continuing to keep the iron in the fire, so to speak, by introducing a few new shades for her latest project.

NEW COLOR ALERT @kyliecosmetics #comingsoon #kourtk

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The lipstick named after Kylie sold out in less than 24 hours after she introduced it to customers online.

On March 17, Kylie took to Instagram to announce that she in increasing the color wheel of her lip kit, too.

"NEW COLOR ALERT @kyliecosmetics #comingsoon #kourtk," she captioned an image of two new colors, one that appears to be lipstick and the other appears to be lip liner.

In anther snap, shared with her 54.7 million followers, Kylie showed off eight different colors of the lip kit.

my little babies 😍

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"My little babies," she said, adding an emoji to indicate she's in love with the colors.

She seems to have at least one big celebrity follower, too.

After Kylie Cosmetics sold out, the reality star tweeted, "What would u wanna see next for Kylie cosmetics?" Iggy Azalea tweeted back at her: "I think you should consider doing a contour kits."

Kylie is certainly known to experiment with colors, but not just on her lips, aka, her moneymakers. Earlier this month she dyed her hair navy blue.

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With all this cosmetic conquering, the Puma pitchwoman has taken a minute to get some much need R&R.

I love Orlando (lmfao someone said my shadow looks like a horse. I'm dead)

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On March 18, Kylie posted a short video of her in a bikini to her Instagram. "Pool day," she said of the video that doesn't show her face but instead shows her body and her new "sanity" tattoo.

pool day

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Another image showed a silhouette of her standing near the pool.

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Earlier this month Kylie faced a small amount of criticism for her oft-glammed up Instagram when a commenter asked her why she never goes off her true self.

"Saw someone comment why I don't embrace my freckles anymore," she said in a makeup-free selfie. "So here's a freckle appreciation post."