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Selfie game strong. Real strong! If you take a quick peek at Kylie Jenner's social media feeds, you'll notice that all of her selfies seem to be about as perfect as you can get. Now we know why!

She has a selfie station in her house!

In a recent video tour posted to her subscription-based website, thekyliejenner.com, the reality TV star showed off her "glam room," and in doing so, her favorite part of the house: an entire area designed to taking selfies.

The area features a ring of light on a tripod with a mirror and a stand for her phone (and this whole time you were just extending your arm for that imperfectly perfect snap!)

"This is my favorite light ever....You can put the timer on, really set it up, and take your selfie," she says during her tour.

The glam room itself is quite extravagant, too, with its reclining chairs, opulent mirrors and a sink that glows (because, why not!)

"I know I keep saying every room I go to, 'This is where I spend the most time!' But this is actually the room where I spend the most time," she says of the room, while admitting that all of the vanity visions didn't come from her brain. "I copied [half-sister] Khloe a little with the mirror walls," she says. "She just has good ideas. Okay, Khloe? I get it!"

The nearly all-white room also includes the people she looks up to the most when they're duded up, her sisters Kourtney, Kim and Khloe. "I have a picture of my three older sisters in here all super glammed up," Kylie said. "They just inspire me when I get my makeup done."

To complete the room dedicated to achieving the best look, Kylie also has an area featuring a collection of wigs.

"I think I'm a wig girl," she says. "I love wigs and they're super easy." She then turns her attention to one in particular. "This is my green one that I wore for Sugar Factory that almost got snatched off my head," she says, "good times."