For several days, Kylie Jenner posted somewhat cryptic messages that seemed to indicate she was about to unfurl a secret project.

Earlier in the week she tweeted, "Amazing day today. Secrets secrets." On March 30, she posted a photo of herself that looks like a high-end mugshot while holding a license plate that says "KNGKYLIE."


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On March 31, it all made sense after she dropped a music video titled "Glosses," which is essentially a creative way to market her insanely successful lip kits and introduce glosses to the line that already features lipstick and lip liners.

The video opens with Kylie driving up to a motel in a Rolls Royce adorned with that custom "KNGKYLIE" license plate. Sporting a Louis Vuitton bandanna and a skimpy snakeskin ensemble. Once she arrives at the motel, she applies a lip gloss from her lip kit.

WATCH MY "GLOSSES" VIDEO out now. Link in bio 👅 @kyliecosmetics @colinseyes

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The video then shows another woman in the hotel as a party of some highly-profitable (and likely shady) dealing. During the dealing, the woman then pulls a tube of lip gloss from Kylie's signature boxes and applies it, as well.

Things, as they usually do in music videos, go awry and there's gunfire and violence and girl power is on full display.

Glosses Video Link in Bio

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The video concludes with the girls in a police lineup and the word "Glosses" written in huge letters and it indicates that they will be available on April 1.

After the video was released, Kylie posted a photo while holding the new products.

GLOSS #Like #Literally #SoCute @kyliecosmetics

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"GLOSS #Like #Literally #SoCute," she captioned the image.

She also shared a snap of herself with her pal, transgender YouTube star Gigi Gorgeous, who does online make-up tutorials with Kylie and was among several guests the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star invited to a lunch today. Gigi also shared a snap on her Instagram with the message, "Congrats to my baby @kyliejenner these new glosses are life🌸🌺💐 "

If history is any indication, Kylie should have no problem with gloss sales. The 18-year-old dynamo's signature lip kits from Kylie Cosmetics are selling out at a wild pace and showing no signs of stopping.

Kylie, too, is continuing to keep the iron in the fire, so to speak, by continually introducing new shades for her latest project.

The lipstick named after Kylie sold out in less than 24 hours after she introduced it to customers online.

The Puma pitchwoman seems to have at least one big celebrity follower, too.

After Kylie Cosmetics sold out, the reality star tweeted, "What would u wanna see next for Kylie cosmetics?" a then-happily engaged Iggy Azalea tweeted back at her: "I think you should consider doing a contour kits."