Kylie Jenner is lending her support to her friend Sammy Wilkinson.

The 18-year-old reality star named him a "performer you should know" on her website and app. So decided to take a listen to the 20-year-old singer/songwriter's music and here's what we thought:

OK, before we got into the song, we were struck by his resemblance to Justin Bieber. Blame the blond 'do, but we think they look alike!

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But he doesn't sound like Justin. Sammy has a unique reggae sound and is clearly influenced by the genre. He even rocks a shirt with Bob Marley on it in his music video for his tune "Higher" and in a Q&A on Kylie's site, he says Bob Marley is one of his musical influences as well as The Movement and Mac Miller.

In addition, Sammy did say he dug Bieber. He brought him up in the Q&A as well and said Bieb's show was the last great concert he went to. It was a "super wild production and he's a very talented dude," he said.

Back to his sound, he's a singer/songwriter, but he speeds up his flow a la Ed Sheeran and raps too. This mixed with the reggae beat of his song "Higher" make it very catchy.

As for the words, there's some sweet ones like, "There's no reason for you to feel down/ I'll take you higher/ When you're lost in the crowds, I'll be waiting right here just to find ya."

He also throws some angst in there.

"I'm all that you want, and you're all that I need/ Why do you gotta come around and act like you don't need me?"

But our favorite part is when he raps the relatable words for finding love, "I don't wanna waste no time, been searching all my life," and an older woman gives him a thumbs up as she jams out in his "Higher" video. Set on the beach, this music video is fun to watch, and we can't help but want to jam out with him on the boardwalk.

We also appreciated more of his rap skills on his song "Chase the Day" and wanted to camp with him and his friends.

Kylie, we get why you're a fan of your friend! Also known as "Sammy Wilk" on his social handles, he has an impressive following on Vine with over 717,000 followers and 1.7 million followers on his Instagram, but his music video for "Higher" can be seen on YouTube. It currently has over 86,000 views after being published to YouTube on Feb. 28, 2016.

We love u

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As for how he knows Kylie, he explains, "I met her through mutual friends, actually. We were over at their house one day, and I think that's how we met!"

And while Kylie showed her support by placing him on her site, he also shares the love right back.

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"She's honestly just super fun loving and down to earth. She's easy to kick it with. She's so laid back," he says. "She made some bomb fried chicken for me once."