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Madly in love or marketing savvy?

Rumors that Kylie Jenner moved on from her ex, Tyga, with rapper and producer PartyNextDoor have swirled for weeks. This week, the 18-year-old lip gloss wiz revealed she has a makeout cameo in PND's new music video, "Come and See Me."

But some outlets aren't sure one innocent cameo constitutes confirmation of a relationship.

In the video, which Kylie shared bits of on Snapchat, she and PND share a mutual squeeze in a downpour. There's a semi-kiss, but as the Daily Mail points out, Kylie's Lip Kit promotional plug gets a much bigger spotlight than does any intimate time with her rumored new guy.

In one scene, a Lip Kit box sits not so subtly on a table that the camera happens to be pointed at. Later, Kylie takes a moment to engineer a shiny, plump pout with the stuff, which in some ways seems like a peripheral, yet definite focus here.

Tyga, who recently griped his relationship with Kylie "overshadowed" his career, featured his then-girlfriend in multiple videos, including the footage for "Stimulated" and "Dope'd Up." This appearance seems a bit more marketing-oriented, though.

Kylie and Tyga called it quits earlier this year, with one source alleging a $2 million loan bestowed to the rising star rapper was the final straw that sent Kylie packing.

Others have suggested the problem came down to age and that Kylie simply wanted to experience some of the freedom most girls her age are embracing.

In May, an insider told E! News her relationship with PND was less serious than some have made it out to be.

" … From the outside it looks like there is a lot more going on between [Kylie and PartyNextDoor] than what actually is," said the source.

"They're just enjoying each other's company and Kylie is trying to have fun and get her mind off Tyga and stay strong because she's pretty hurt."

Kylie may be hurting, but her Lip Kit sales decidedly are not. Months after their launch - and the initial run on Lip Kits - they continue to sell out.