Kylie Jenner's in the navy -- well at least her hair is!

On March 11, the 18-year-old debuted a new dark blue hue at the grand opening of the Sugar Factory in Orlando, FLA. The reality star, armed with her pretty posse, descended upon the event and made sure eyes were on her uniquely colored mane. The star was quick to hop on to social media to blast a plethora of photos of her long dark locks to her now 54 million Instagram followers.

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Interesting enough, the teen complained to a pal earlier in the day that all the bleaching she's done to her hair has hurt her beloved tresses. We can't imagine that dying it blue is gonna help!

In a video she posted on Snapchat, the reality star lamented to her friend Gary that it's hard out there for a hair chameleon.

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"You're just kind of an a--hole because the top of my hair is kind of destroyed from the bleach so I'm really, like, self conscious about it," Kylie said in one of the plethora of videos she posted on the popular app.

Jenner has had every color of hair in the rainbow and then some -- we've spotted her with baby blue, dark blue, lime green, baby pink, dark pink, aqua, red and more! Maybe it's time for a break?!