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Lamar Odom was removed from an airplane after he began vomiting onboard.

Pictures posted on TMZ show the former NBA star hanging out in an airport lounge in LAX, awaiting to board a Delta flight bound for New York.

The celebrity website quotes sources who claim Lamar was "pounding down beers and whiskey" before the red-eye flight. However, by the time he boarded the flight, "he was wasted," the site said.

Lamar did manage to compose himself long enough to actually get on the plane, but that's when things went awry for him. As he settled into his first class seat, the troubled former athlete made a beeline for the bathroom, but couldn't make it in time.

He reportedly threw up in the galley of the plane. He then walked to the bathroom and began vomiting again while the door remained open.

After he finished (and had vomit on his clothes) Lamar was then promptly escorted off the plane, while flight attendants returned his carry-on items to him. A cleaning crew was then brought in to clean the mess.

However, for whatever reason, Lamar was allowed back on the plane several minutes later, with vomit still on his clothes. His return to the plane, though, would end in a similar manner.

After sitting in his seat, he "got up and went back to the bathroom, using the heads of people in their seats to steady his balance."

It seems at though at least one passenger knew exactly who Lamar was and certainly knew of his troubled past, told the flight attendant, "Don't you know his history? I don't want a dead body at 30,000 feet."

Eventually he was removed from the flight for good and it took off before he would return for a third time.

Lamar's history has been spotty, so say the last. Last October he nearly died in a Nevada brothel from an overdose. He eventually began drinking again, prompting his estranged wife Khloe Kardashian to cut him off and file for divorce for the second time.