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Lamar Odom is in the clear and won't be charged with cocaine possession in regards to his near-fatal overdose in October at a Nevada brothel.

TMZ is reporting that the Nye County District Attorney has decided not to file any charges against the former NBA star.

Shortly after his overdose, the Nye County Sheriff said it was "distinctly possible" he'd be prosecuted for having drugs in his system. However, it is fairly rare for someone to be prosecuted if they overdose and wind up in a hospital, as Lamar did.

The celebrity website said the D.A. is expected to formally reject the case sometime this week, officially clearing Lamar.

Lamar certainly still has an uphill climb to return to normalcy, but he is rebounding better than anyone expected. Last week, he left the hospital for the first time since his Oct. 13 overdose. He will now continue his rehab in a "private facility."

Lamar has been making incredible strides over the past month - his family called it "miraculous."

"Lamar continues to make remarkable strides and we are asking that you continue to respect our privacy," his aunt JaNean Mercer said in the statement. "Again we thank all of you greatly, your support has been paramount in helping to uplift us during these past few difficult months."

It was reported that Lamar's ex, Khloe Kardashian, quietly moved him to a facility near her home so that she could minimize press and prohibit a media circus.

Lamar also recently returned to social media in a roundabout way. On Dec. 31, 2015, Lamar's son, Lamar Odom Jr., posted the first social pic of his dad since that fateful October day.

"Christmas with my pops," he captioned the Instagram photo, which featured Lamar, Lamar Jr., and Lamar's daughter, Destiny. "Here's to 2016. Blessed." Lamar Jr. and Destiny are Lamar's children with his ex, Liza Morales.