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As far as strange couples go, this one is a doozy!

On Jan. 14, Rapper Common was photographed leaving dinner with Laura Dern and the two looked like they were on a full-fledged date.

Wrap your head around that!

The duo was all smiles after they left dinner at Beverly Hills' Bouchon restaurant. Many wondered if the meeting was simply for business, but Laura's dress has many others thinking differently.

The actress donned a black dress that revealed her thigh, not something you usually wear to a business meeting.

Common dressed casual in jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers - also, not something you usually wear to a formal business meeting.

Laura, though, is no stranger to the music world. In 2013 she finalized her divorce with musician Ben Harper after five years of marriage. The former couple has two children.

"It just is what it is," she told U.K.'s The Telegraph in 2014 of her split. "Sadly, half of marriages end in divorce. Half of my girl friends and male friends have been through one, and their kids are doing great. There's no shame around it - unless you want to project that on to yourself - but certainly there's no longer cultural shame. Everyone is walking through it."

"My kids are doing great. And in a way their living situation is not shockingly different - in that their father is a touring musician so they were used to the comings and goings a bit - not to say there aren't a lot of other things," she continued. "But, like me, they never really knew a mom and dad sitting down at the table for dinner every night. So I think that creates an easier transition."

Common knows all about high-profile romances, too, as he and tennis star Serena Williams dated for several years.