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Romance is the new black! Laura Prepon has found a new man.

Us Weekly is reporting that the "Orange Is The New Black" actress is dating Robin Wright's ex-fiance, Ben Foster.

The magazine reports that the two have been hanging out and were recently spotted on a date at New York's Lucien. During the date the duo was "making out," the report says.

That was at the least the second date Laura and Ben have had recently. Earlier in July they had a "PDA-fest" in Cape May in New Jersey at the Ugly Mug Bar & Restaurant.

Laura "was holding onto Ben and was all over him," an onlooker said. "They were really close, talking and laughing."

It seems like Ben has moved on from his longtime relationship with Robin, whom he dated off and on for more than three years. The duo was engaged, but they quietly ended the relationship last year. They had been engaged once before, as well.

Laura hasn't had a serious relationship in years, since she split with Christopher Masterson in 2007.

There is a rumor that Laura and Ben met via Christopher's brother, Danny Masterson, who starred in "That '70s Show" with Laura. Ben and Danny have reportedly been friends for years, as well.

In 2014, Laura spoke to Cosmopolitan about her dating life, or lack thereof.

"I have not gone on one date! Like, seriously. At all. When I'm working, it's next to impossible…" she said. "I like to think I'll just be walking down the street one day and stop and meet someone, like, Oh my god, you're awesome, and then we start dating. But, no.

"Guys occupy a lot of attention space in your mind. When I'm working, living in a new place, it's kind of cool I don't have to deal with that right now. That being said, it'd be cool to meet a cool New Yorker. But that hasn't happened yet."