Don't believe everything you see on the Internet.

Earlier this week, a photo of rapper Lil' Kim made the rounds showing her with an incredibly plump posterior. The Twitter-verse was freaking out about the image, with many memes created.

Turns out, though, it was just a good photoshop job.

On Jan. 28, Lil Kim had seen enough of the negatively surrounding her falsely enlarged backside and she finally responded on Twitter. In a side by side image of herself, one of the actual image, the other of a photoshopped version, Kim wrote, "Really? The hate is so real." She also wrote the words "FAKE" over the photoshopped picture.

She wasn't done blasting the haters either.

"You bloggers should be ashamed of yourself for promoting this foolishness knowing that this is SO fake just like all of you haters," she wrote.

She then tweeted a fairly cryptic response to the genesis of this whole photoshop fiasco.

"But I got a good idea where this is coming from," she wrote. "What's in the dark always comes into the light. Carry on."

Then, pouncing on the chance to show her behind in all it's glory, Kim actually took to Instagram to post a shot of her anatomy.

Since you guys love my behind sooo much, here it is kiss it!!! #staytuned

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"Since you guys love my behind sooo much," she wrote, "here it is kiss it!!! #staytuned."