Jordan Strauss / Wonderwall 1 / 8
Jordan Strauss / Wonderwall 1 / 8

Lil Wayne is in "good spirits" after suffering multiple seizures in midair aboard a private jet, his rep said.

What caused the rapper to have those medical episodes isn't completely known, but there is wide speculation that it was caused by his continued drinking of "lean," a drink that mixes prescription strength cough syrup and soda pop. It's usually drank from a Styrofoam cup.

In the past, Wayne has admitted to drinking the concoction, but said he gave it up because of his long history of seizures. However, photos from the Sunday night show him drinking something out of Styrofoam cup at a nightclub.

TMZ said that Wayne ingested "an extraordinary amount of lean" before the seizures. The website, which is generally very accurate, said Weezy was in possession of five 16 oz bottles of Promethazine/Codeine syrup during his club appearance in Milwaukee over the weekend.

One person told the site that Wayne drank three bottles of the prescription drug just by himself.

On Monday, Lil Wayne's flight was forced to make two emergency landings after he suffered multiple seizures in midair.

Wayne was flying from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to California on a private jet when he had his first medical episode. He was blacked out when the pilot touched down in Omaha, Nebraska, in the afternoon.

Paramedics rushed to the airstrip where the plane touched down and Wayne was reportedly awake and alert. There, he is said to have refused medical treatment and got back on the plane.

However, after his plane took off and was in the air for just a few minutes, a second seizure struck and the plane was again forced to land in Omaha.

The celebrity website said Wayne lost consciousness this time, as well, and paramedics boarded the plane to treat him. He was later taken via ambulance to an area hospital.