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Lindsay Lohan took the gloves off in an interview with a Russian TV station in which she's alleged that her former fiance Egor Tarabasov abused her and also claimed that she bought her own engagement ring.

During an interview with Russia's Channel One, Lindsay said Egor hit her throughout their relationship, forcing her to cover up her bruises. At times she said she felt much like her mother, Dina, who had been in abusive relationships in the past.

Perhaps the most revealing part of the chat, though, was LiLo's claims that she bared the brunt of the financial burden in their relationship, despite the fact that Egor is the son of a wealthy Russian businessman.

The oft-troubled actress told the news outlet that she bought her own engagement ring, which could explain why she was still wearing it even though the duo split in late July.

Egor, for what it's worth, has denied the claims, telling TMZ that he will pursue legal action to clear his name.

The romance between the "Mean Girls" actress and Egor had been tumultuous at best.

The duo grabbed headlines in July after neighbors called police when they heard an argument between the two in which Lindsay screamed that Egor had tried to kill her by strangling her. Police broke down the door to the couple's apartment but made no arrests.

On social media, Lindsay repeatedly asked Egor to come home after he apparently disappeared for a few days. Eventually, her posts suggested she believed he was cheating with a "Russian hooker" and implied she was pregnant.

That same week, TMZ reported Lindsay had been "telling friends the relationship is violent at times."

A video surfaced a few days later showing Egor grabbing Lindsay roughly and forcing her arms behind her back as they fought on a beach. Prior to the struggle, a phone flies out of the Jeep they're in, which she can be seen racing to grab before he takes it from her.

Lindsay asked for privacy as the volatile nature of their relationship became fodder for more and more headlines. She then retreated to a yacht with friends in Europe. All the while, though, she was still wearing her emerald ring... that she apparently paid for.