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Lisa Vanderpump was never meant to be a "housewife." In fact, when she was offered a part on the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," she said thanks, but no thanks.

"I was asked two or three times, but I said, 'No, I don't think so. I don't think it's for me,'" she told AdWeek for its latest issue. "And the third time I thought, 'OK, I will go in [for an audition].'"

Even then, she felt like she bombed the audition and wouldn't be hearing from producers anytime soon.

"I didn't think I gave a great interview, but then they came to interview me at my house again after that," she said. "Andy Cohen now says that I was the reason he green-lit Beverly Hills because he says he saw something different, something quirky in me."

Fans found something lovable in her, so much so that she got her own spinoff show, "Vanderpump Rules" on Bravo. Her family, though, wasn't always onboard with being filmed all the time for entertainment purposes.

"They weren't thrilled. Initially I felt a little sense of security in the fact that the show [didn't air in England], but it's becoming quite big over there," she said. "And now it's even more in their face because I have a show called Vanderpump Rules and that's my family's name. A classic example of this was when my nephew was staying with me and I said to him, 'We're shooting 'Housewives.' I mean, you're here, would you just be in it?' And he said, 'Actually, Lisa, not really my thing. Thank you so much, but I'll pass.'

Over the summer, there were reports that Lisa had no plans to return to 'Housewives,' but she eventually did. At this point, even Lisa doesn't know when she'll give up reality TV.

"After the first year, I said I wasn't coming back. After four years, I said I wasn't coming back. I think I've always said that. This year it was a really, really difficult decision," she said. "It was just not about money. It was about whether I could go through what I went through again. I didn't think I could. And I still don't know if I made the right decision. But after a couple of weeks talking to them, I went, 'All right, I'll do it—so help me, God' I remember our showrunner jumped up and kissed me and said, "OK, you won't regret it!" And I said, "I might, but I can never forget what the show has given me."

She continued, "I mean, would I be at the United Nations? Would I be at Congress? Would I be starting Vanderpump Pets? Would I be able to fight Yulin? Would I be able to have the Vanderpump Dog Rescue? And there have been some wonderful moments on the show. It's been like a very expensive home movie. That's been the best."