Coachella 2016 has officially started.

The music festival in Indio, California, is completely sold out, but if you look at social media star Maddi Bragg's Instagram, you'd see a different scene.

The 17-year-old YouTube star even hashtagged #EmptyCoachella on this Instagram video of herself twirling around at what looks like a deserted grass field.

Maddi is so excited to be at the festival that she came early, and she makes #EmptyCoachella look pretty cool with her boyfriend Jacob.

She also shared that this is not her first time with this palm tree snap and wrote in the caption, "hey coachella it's good to be back."

Since Maddi's been to the fest before she knows a thing or two about how to dress for the event. On YouTube she offered to help people with their desert fashions by posting a Coachella Lookbook 2016 video. She styled four outfits, but she opted for a new look during day one of the fest. But who knows she could make our outrageous Coachella fashion list come Sunday!

Coachella is a place to get noticed for your threads, and Maddi is fitting right in. She is rocking denim shorts with stars on the behind, a black fringe vest over a black tube top, Converse shoes and a bandana as a necklace.

Maddi recently told about her style inspiration.

"Like everyone else, I'm obsessed with Kylie Jenner's style. I love how she keeps it super cool and casual but sometimes dresses up!" she said. "For me it's all about comfort and feeling good in what you're wearing so most days I'm wearing jeans, a tee shirt and a cool pair of boots."

While she's frolicking freely in her comfortable outfit now, the crowds are about to roll in. Last year, Billboard reported that Coachella grossed $84,264,264 in ticket sales from 198,000 tickets sold, both records, and this year is bound to be record-breaking once again!