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Madonna's custody battle continues to look bleak.

Despite the fact that a Manhattan Civil Supreme Court judge ordered that Madonna's son Rocco head back to New York to be with his mother, he's still opting to stay with his dad.

The 15-year-old reportedly prefers to remain at Guy's London home, and at his Feb. 3 custody hearing a source tells Us Weekly he will likely be expressing that he wants to remain living in England with his father.

For her part, Madonna is both "incredibly hurt" and angry, according to Us Weekly's source. The insider went on to claim that Guy is actively working to drive a wedge between mother and son, "Madonna thinks Guy is turning her son against her. He's telling Rocco he should stay with him. It seems like he's trying to brainwash the kid."

The custody battle between Madonna and Guy has only intensified. The two split in 2008. Due to the fact that there was no prenup in place, Madonna reportedly handed over $75 million to Guy in the split, and things have been less than civil since.

The struggle is taking its toll on Madonna, and may be affecting her work. Madonna has been showing up late to the stage at numerous concerts recently, and there has been speculation that it's the custody battle being hard for the star.