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Don't cry for her, Argentina, Madonna's got her own tears.

The Material Girl is reportedly "at her wit's end" about her ongoing custody battle with her ex-husband Guy Ritchie and estrangement from her son Rocco, Us weekly reports.

"She has been crying constantly over what's going on with Rocco," a source told the website.

Family drama escalated in December 2015 when the 15-year-old fled Madonna's world tour to stay with his dad in London because Madonna was "too controlling." When the teen refused to return to the United States for the holidays, the "Like a Virgin" singer went straight to the courthouse.

When a judge ordered Rocco back to New York City, an attorney for Guy announced "Rocco has expressed very clearly" that he did not want to return.

"Rocco is a typical 15-year-old who wants to do what he wants," a source explained to Us Weekly, while admitting that Madonna is a "fantastic mother."

"This entire thing is 40 percent Rocco and 60 percent Guy," the insider said. "Guy is trying hard to mess with her."

The pair has been divorced since 2008 after spending eight years together.

Throughout the battle, Madonna tried to use social media to show her love for her son, but that backfired when Rocco blocked his mother before completely deleting his account.

Rocco is due back in school this month, but his next court date isn't until Feb. 3.