@madonna / Instagram 2 / 10
@madonna / Instagram 2 / 10

With the New Year comes new problems for Madonna.

A new report claims the Material Girl's two oldest kids, Lourdes Leon and Rocco Ritchie, want "nothing to do with her."

In the wake of her December battle with 15-year-old son Rocco -- who's refusing to come home to his mother in New York City and instead wants to remain with his father, director Guy Ritchie, in England -- the New York Post is reporting that both he and big sister Lourdes, 19, are fed up with their mom's "controlling" ways, according to multiple insiders.

They "crave stability," a Ritchie source tells Page Six.

Although a Manhattan judge has ruled that Rocco -- who's apparently grown tired of always being on the road with his touring mother -- must return to her before his school, Lycée Français de New York, starts up again this month, his next court date isn't until Feb. 3.

Until then, he wants to remain with his father, 47, new stepmother Jacqui Ainsley, 34, and their three young children in Britain. "I'm staying here, bro," Page Six reports he told a friend on his Instagram account, which is currently private.

A report in Britain's The Sun claims that Rocco has also blocked Madonna, 57, from following him on the social media site, although he does allow Guy and Jacqui to see his posts. "It's not a great sign that Rocco is blocking his mum on social media, especially after all the rumors that she was embarrassing him with her posts about him [on her own accounts]," a source told The Sun.

New York's Daily News also reports that Madonna also wants to send Rocco to a military school if the courts deliver him back to her care.

Although Lourdes has a better relationship with Madonna, reports Page Six, it's not problem-free: She's developed a reputation as someone who enjoys the good life at her mom's alma mater, the University of Michigan.

"Lourdes definitely takes after her mother in many ways," a Madonna source tells Page Six of the performing arts major, who was seen drinking a Bud Light at Madge's Detroit concert in October and is a known smoker. "She has a magnet[ic] personality … She likes to let her hair down and party."

Madonna has been posting about her kids on her own Instagram page in recent days. On Dec. 25, the singer shared a throwback photo with Rocco, including the message: "Merry X-mas to the Sun-shine of my Life!"

On Jan. 3, she posted a Photoshopped pic of herself as a young woman alongside Lourdes, captioning it, "DoubleTrouble. Coming at you 2016."

A Madonna source tells Page Six that Rocco misses his older half-sister (Lourdes' father is Carlos Leon). "She was the only one who really understood what he was going through -- [younger siblings] David and Mercy are still so young, they can't connect with him on that level. Lourdes has been relishing her freedom and Rocco [is] envious in many ways."