Maksim Chmerkovskiy is going to stay forever young.

The "Dancing With the Stars" Season 18 champion stopped by Nespresso Beverly Hills Boutique during Beverly Hills Culinary Week on April 7 to reveal to how he takes his coffee on the Dysh app, and his secret to staying in amazing shape.

The Dysh app has YouTubers Ingrid Nilsen, Hannah Hart, Mamrie Hart, Grace Helbig as members of its founding team who are "Taste Buds" that wanted to help build the next, great food app, and through it, Maksim revealed that he adds a table spoon of coconut oil and raw honey to his coffee, which he said he takes his vitamins with and drinks every day.

"I don't do sugars. I don't do breads," he told about his diet.

But it's more than just what to avoid.

For Maksim, "it's not that bad for you" when it comes to food doesn't exist.

"It's either good for you or it's not. If something is 'not that bad,' I'm not going to put it in my mouth," he explained. "And that's the number one health tip I can give someone. Before you're going to get into what not to eat, what to eat, what is the regimen, calorie intake, etc., get yourself into a state of mind where you don't allow yourself things that are 'not that bad' because even if it's a little bad, it's bad."

Maksim further added that he has a wish for people.

"I wish that for one day everybody could eat, one day, just super clean, super organic," he said. "I do feel like we're overpopulated. I feel like there's too many of us to consume so much meat so meat is now being mass produced to meet the demand, and the quality of food went to the toilet, especially in this country."

Born in Odessa, Ukraine, he said, "I grew up with my grandma having a farm outside the city and out here, and I started eating organic and I seek farm fresh produce. That's my secret."

It's also his secret for youth. "I'm a young 36, and I'm younger than most because of what I eat," he said.

And with a body like his, it was hard to believe him when he said he "doesn't work out more than others."

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He added, "Every day, I try to do something physical, whether it's dancing or playing basketball."

While he's rooting for his brother and fellow dance pros Val Chmerkovskiy and fiancee Peta Murgatroyd on Season 22 of "Dancing With the Stars," he will be dancing along with Val on their tour called "Maks & Val Live On Tour: Our Way" coming to 45 cities this summer. The tour starts on June 15th in Florida and wraps on August 14th in California.

On their tour website, the brothers say that it's what they have dreamed about since childhood, and they will show an "honest and unfiltered narrative of their life story."