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During the premiere of "The People v. O.J. Simpson," the real life prosecutor from the infamous trial, Marcia Clark, was tuning in, and found the experience to be "pretty awful."

The former attorney, who later left the district attorney's office to write fiction, watched the first episode of FX's miniseries along with the rest of America and shared her thoughts with Entertainment Weekly.

When the show aired, Sarah was surrounded by friends, who she says were a necessity. "When I watch it, all I can do is think about what went wrong and what was crazy about it. I go back into the nightmare. I needed people there to kind of balance me out and say 'it's all right,' to get a normal person's perspective on it because I don't think I am."

Originally, Marcia was hoping the show wouldn't ever hit the small screen. "I kept hoping and praying, 'Please, please don't let this happen. Make something go wrong. Make someone think this isn't a good idea,'" she admitted. But once it was clear that the show would indeed be debuting, one element of the production excited Marcia -- being played by Sarah Paulson.

"In life, you never know when something good is going to come out of something horrendous. It was one of those," she said, of Sarah portraying her on the show. "When I found out that she was going to play me, I thought, if this has to happen, then the honor is huge. I've been a fan of hers for years. I just love her."

The two ended up meeting up before filming wrapped, and Marcia was delighted with the encounter, showering the actress with praise. "She was even more wonderful in person. Has she ever been anything less than brilliant? Never. She could play a rock and make it interesting."

As for the way Marcia's physical likeness was portrayed, she also has a glowing review. "I think she looks better than I ever did."