The rumors are true, dah-lings, Mariah Carey is getting her own reality show.

While many are said to be thrilled about the project, some within her team are reportedly bewildered as to why this is even happening.

"Someone of Mariah's stature should not be doing this," a source told the New York Post. "Whitney Houston did a reality show and that was the real end of it. We hope that it doesn't end up being like when Whitney did 'Being Bobby Brown.'"

According to the newspaper's Page Six gossip section, Mariah's manager Stella Bulochnikov is the mastermind behind the project for E!, but it's source said that the singer is entirely oblivious to everything going on with her brand because she's so in love with her fiance James Packer, whom she lives with.

"Mariah's amazing and treats people with the utmost respect and kindness and Stella is the total opposite," the source said. "She comes from producing reality TV and calls herself the Russian dictator."

The source continued, "I guess Mariah is just in love and not paying attention to what's happening around her."

The show will center on Mariah and her entourage, particularly chronicling the behind-the-scenes drama of her Las Vegas show, Mariah #1 to Infinity, as well as her upcoming European tour.

James, who gifted her with an incredible engagement ring, is not expected to be a regular on the reality show.

"It'll probably be a situation like Kanye on the Kardashians, but I doubt you'll see him as a regular," the source said.

Us Weekly quotes a source who says that Mariah is all in on the show, which has apparently already begun filming. A crew reportedly following Mariah around at Elton John's AIDS Foundation Oscars Party on Feb. 28.

"Mariah's excited to show some personal family moments," says someone from her inner circle. "It'll definitely show another side to her."

The diva apparently is hoping for the show to be called "Mariah's Squad."

"The show is also about Mariah and the crew around her," another insider told Us. "It's nuts. Mariah is very funny on camera."

And if you remember anything out her legendary "Cribs" episode in 2002, she's really is at ease in front of the camera. Take a walk down memory lane below...