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"Starring Matthew McConaughey." Those words usually mean box office success, which means a lot of eyeballs were on the project.

However, when it comes to Matthew's social media, popularity wasn't something that he knew much about. It was revealed on Thursday that the Oscar winner has a YouTube channel, but few people seemed to even know about it.

The channel is even verified, so you know this isn't some hoax.

On Thursday, an eagle-eyed Reddit user told AdAge about the channel, which only had a few hundred subscribers.

It was like having a secret, yet public account.

But, as word of the channel began to filter out, Matthew's account went from having a paltry 240 subscribers to nearly 50,000 within a day (a number more worthy a major movie star).

"That's so f------ weird," said the top Reddit comment, as quoted by AdAge. "He's verified and everything. I'm genuinely shocked that an [Academy Award-winning] actor can put out a video and get under 1,000 views in a year."

Within hours, Matthew's videos were getting watched so many times that the tiny channel began trending on YouTube, despite the videos being months old.

In some of the videos, the actor speaks directly into the camera. But two of the videos are trailers for his films.

His most recent upload was two months ago when he posted a trailer for his upcoming film "Sing." The last time he spoke in a video was eight months ago. "Hey, McConaughey here," he opens that video.

Don't feel too bad for Matthew on the social media front entirely, though. On Twitter, he has 2.2 million followers; on Facebook, he has 5.1 million followers. And, to be fair, His YouTube videos were all uploaded to his Twitter and Facebook accounts when they were filmed.