Just when you thought things were calming down in the bitter divorce between Spice Girl Melanie Brown and Stephen Belafonte, he has accused her of defying a judge's orders on multiple fronts.

Stephen wants the judge to condemn Mel, but she says his arguments are nonsense and a waste of time.


In November, Stephen agreed to destroy all the sex tapes he and Mel made. As part of the agreement, Stephen would also receive an unspecified amount of spousal support for the next three years. Further, Mel and Stephen agreed to share joint legal custody of their 6-year-old daughter, Madison.

At time time, the estranged duo seemed to finally be seeing eye to eye in regards to their split.

That was then. This is now.


In court documents obtained by TMZ, Stephen said Mel was late on her spousal support payment in November. Her attorney acknowledged that Mel was indeed late because several business deals fell though, but argued that she is now completely caught up through December.

Stephen complained that Mel isn't giving him access to the old family home as they agreed, TMZ said. Again, her attorney had an answer, stating that Stephen refuses to give Mel advance notice when he wants to come, and sometimes she's just not home to let him in.

The singer, though, had a bone of her own to pick with her ex, complaining that he once let their daughter sleep in his bed during an overnight visit. His team acknowledged that this happened but said Stephen's bed is big and he didn't notice that the tyke had climbed into the bed while he was in there.


This is just another layer in a vitriolic split that has seen its fair share of twists and turns -- she has argued that domestic violence was prevalent in the relationship, and alleged that he even got their nanny pregnant. She also said Stephen used her money to pay for her abortion. Stephen and the nanny have denied this.

Last month, though, it appeared that the volume was turned down quite significantly after Mel ad Stephen settled their overtly nasty domestic violence case, which was part of their divorce. At that time, TMZ said the Mel had withdrawn her domestic violence restraining order against Stephen, as part of a settlement. The agreement made it possible for Stephen to see Madison, who he was prohibited from going near as part of the restraining order.