The Met Gala in New York is an annual epicenter for fashion and celebrities. It's a spectacle of beauty and high brow gowns.

It's where couples break engagement news β€” looking at you Kate Upton and Justin Verlander β€” and it's where things can get out of hand in a hurry β€” looking at you, Solange Knowles!

But, with such a large gathering of high profile celebrities donning cutting edge fashion, you know the Internet is going to respond in kind, as only the 'net can do. On Monday night, it was not different, with laptop muckrakers ribbing Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian West, Taylor Swift and basically anyone who dared walked the carpet.

Take Taylor Swift, for example ... She donned a glimmering silver Louis Vuitton ensemble. Some people saw edgy, but others saw catch and release.

Since the red carpet resides on the steps of the Met, it's only fitting that "Gossip Girl" memes popped up. Twitter instantly took notice, and compared Taylor to the resident good-girl-turned-bad Jenny Humphrey.

Once Blake Lively arrived, Twitter took the joke one step further.

Kim Kardashian, per usual, couldn't escape the watchful eye of the world wide web either. Comedian Travon Free joked that maybe Kim thought the red carpet was a little more like the yellow brick road.

Some went a little more intergalactic with Kim's Balmain dress.

Her half sister, Kylie Jenner? Yeah, she was apparently on a mission for Princess Fiona in "Shrek."

Then, in a New York minute, Rita Ora became maid in Manhattan.

Katy Perry seemed a little too animated for some.

Zayn Malik…. Well, he maybe should have kept his outfit at an arm's length.

Internet: 1. Celebrities at the Met: 0.