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Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael Lohan, was rushed to the hospital on Nov. 18 after suffering a possible heart attack.

TMZ cites law enforcement officials who said that Michael was at a Florida Department of Children and Families office for a 3-hour monitored visit with his kids when he began sweating profusely and experiencing chest pains. Emergency officials were immediately called.

The website says Michael is on heart medication and his mother was called to deliver more medication when he began having problems. His condition continued to worsen.

Doctor are now running tests to determined if he did, indeed, suffer a heart attack.

His health issue is just the latest problem for Michael. Earlier this month, he and his wife, Kate Major, lost custody of the two children they share, 2-year-old Landon and 10-month-old Logan. A Florida judge granted custody to Michael's mother.

In late October, the Florida Department of Children and Families took the kids and placed them in foster care after a video emerged showing the parents in a blow-out fight in front of the kids. Michael is due in court today where a judge will decide the custody arrangement for the two kids.