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Miley Cyrus will become Mrs. Liam Hemsworth in The Land Down Under.

Us Weekly is reporting that the pop star and her beau will exchange vows in Australia, where Liam is from.

Last month, the couple was in Byron Bay and "were discussing potential venues and looking around," a source told the magazine.

The couple first met in 2009 while filming "The Last Song" and began dating shortly after. In 2012 they got engaged, but called it off the following year. However, late last year, the couple got back together and got "re-engaged," according to multiple media outlets, though neither has publicly confirmed that the wedding is back on.

In fact, Liam told TV Week in March that he wasn't engaged, despite the fact that Miley has been wearing her ring again.

Miley, though, has been going full speed ahead. She's met with a wedding planner and has been deciding how she wants to look on the big day.

A second source told Us that the wedding will be far from traditional.

"Miley's mentioned she's interested in having a bunch of bouncy houses," the source says. "Like at a carnival!"

Miley has had her heart set on a summer wedding, reports indicate, and her mother, Tish, is helping her plan the vows.

For the couple, things seem different this time around. Miley "has been cooking and cleaning for Liam, waiting on him hand and foot," it was previously reported. "She wants to make sure she keeps him."

Miley wants Liam to know that her wild child mindset and party ways are all in the past. She also weeded out the party-loving entourage that she was once tied at the hip to.

"Liam never liked that she got crazy, so Miley's making big changes," a source said in March. "She doesn't want to screw it up."

After the duo got back together, a source told E!, "They needed time apart to realize how much they love each other and want to be together. It happened slowly over time. One conversation led to another. It wasn't something that happened overnight. They are both a little bit older and wiser now. They've lived a lot in the last year few years and think things will be different."

The source continued, "They are like yin and yang. Liam is so laid back about everything and he really mellows Miley out. But he gets her wild side too and he admires how fun and exciting she is. There's never a dull moment with Miley and he doesn't try to challenge her."

The insider continued, "She likes the way she feels about herself when she's with him."