Mayday, mayday! "Million Dollar Listing New York" star Fredrik Eklund thought his life was over during a terrifying flight to the Dominican Republic this week.

The reality star and his husband, Derek Caplan, eventually made it to "paradise," but there were a lot of incredibly tense moments.

"The plane went through some really evil turbulence on the way here," Fredrik said on Instagram, while posting a shirtless photo of himself on the beach. "People were screaming, kids crying, bags fell, glasses crashed. Have you ever seen a flight attendant run through the aisle and throw himself down into a seat?"

He even admitted that he cried, thinking his life was about to end.

"I must have been on over a thousand flights in my life, but this was the scariest, I'm telling you," he said. "I really thought, 'this is it.' I cried because I don't want it to end, I still have so much to see and people to love, 'I want kids' I kept repeating. I saw Derek closing his eyes too, jaws clenched, I squeezed his knee hard."

Afterward, he was able to joke a bit about the situation, telling JetBlue that it "might want to send us some drink vouchers."

"I'm so thankful. I'm alive. I'm breathing. I will continue," he said, admitting he can be a bit of a "drama queen" at times. "And from my lips to God's ears: I will be a father. Happy and safe Thanksgiving to all of you and your families out there from FreDerek."

Derek, generally the much calmer half of the couple, seemed the picture of relaxation in a separate social media photo, one that they didn't think they'd be able to take while flying turbulently over the Atlantic Ocean.

"CHEERS TO LIFE!!!," Fredrik captioned the photo of his husband. "We just arrived in paradise. #thankful #happyhour #scaryflight."