The "Happiest Place on Earth" just became the funniest place on Earth as Mindy Kaling took the writers and crew of "The Mindy Project" on a group outing to Disneyland in Anaheim, California, on Friday, July 15. Field trip to Disneyland?! OMG, WE'RE SO JEALOUS!

The funny lady posted a slew of images from the fun-filled outing on her personal Instagram, our favorite being the one showing the actress being welcomed to the magical park by everyone's favorite lady mouse, Minnie Mouse. The 37-year-old captioned the photo simply by writing, "🐭👩🏾 Minz."

🐭👩🏾 Minz

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Mindy, who was outfitted in a black dress and Minnie ears, posted another pic with the beloved cartoon character with the caption, "Reunited with my best friend." Aww! We love Minnie and Mindy together!

reunited with my best friend

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From the plethora of pics, it seems as though the Boston-born actress encouraged her staff to dress like their favorite Disney characters. Mindy posted a super cute photo from the It's A Small World ride with the show's executive producer Matt Warburton and wrote, "It is a small world after all. A man from Ohio and a woman from Boston can run a TV show together."

The group managed to hit a number of attractions including the Pinocchio Ride, the Jungle Cruise and of course -- It's A Small World. It also appears that the 15-plus group was staying at the Disneyland Resort because writer Chris Schleicher posted a snap of everyone all gussied up on a winding staircase after a day of adventure. Of course -- the writer had to make a joke of the photo, writing, "The category is... Von Trapp Family Realness."

The category is... Von Trapp Family Realness

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It's possible that the team went to Disneyland to celebrate wrapping their fourth season on July 5 and being picked up for a fifth season, which starts shooting on Oct. 4 -- but it's also possible that Mindy and the crew needed a pick-me-up after their Hulu show was snubbed at the 2016 Emmy nominations, which were announced on Thursday, July 14.

Either way -- it seems like the group had a blast!