@tiffthornton / Instagram
@tiffthornton / Instagram

MTV star Chris Carney has died in a car accident in Arkansas.

He is survived by his wife, Disney star Tiffany Thorton, and their two young children. He was 35.

According to TMZ, Chris and another man, Ezekiel Blanton, were killed in the early morning hours of Dec. 4 after their car "flew off the road while going around a bend and slammed into a tree." They were both pronounced dead at the scene.

Ezekiel was driving, the report said, adding that someone was ejected from the vehicle.

Arkansas 911 News described the devastating crash, saying, "The vehicle left a tire mark at least 70 ft. long which crossed the entire width of the pavement before exiting the pavement on the left side of the highway and striking a large tree. The vehicle came to final rest just beyond the tree on the grassy roadside."

Chris had previously been on MTV's "twentyfourseven," and was the lead singer of the music group Prom Kings. In 2011, he married Tiffany, who starred in "Sonny with a Chance." The couple had apparently moved to Hot Springs, Ark., last year.

Chris' wife was already dealing with tragedy when this news rocked her. According to her Instagram, one of her best friends just passed away, too.

On Dec. 3, she posted a montage of her with a friend named Brittany Blanton (unknown if she's of any relation to Ezekiel). In her heartbreaking caption, Tiffany wrote, "I keep thinking this can't be real. One of my very best friends is gone and the place she holds in my heart will never be filled. Brittany was one of the coolest people I've ever known, filled with the loudest and most contagious laughter, a huge heart, a beautiful smile and an unbelievable faith in others that not a lot of people have.

"It was such a blessing having her stand by me in my wedding and I was honored to stand by her in hers," she continued. "From way too much eye shadow, bangs, boyfriends we THOUGHT were our soul mates, trips to Destin and Cancun, late nights at the Blanton casa with way too much queso, to growing older, nights of reminiscing, phone calls to help eachother keep our chins up in the tough times, and laughing at how cool we thought we were back in the day....and still eating way too much queso....you will forever be missed. Reserve me a spot next to you in Heaven BB, I know I'll see you there again one day. Love you."