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Unlike many of the Miss USA contestants, Nadia Mejia, Miss California, has known all about fame for most of her life, so having the camera on her over the weekend was nothing knew.

Her father is none other than Gerardo Mejia - the same Gerardo that gave us "Rico Suave," the infectious 1991 song that essentially means he's good looking and fit.

Well, he certainly passed those traits down to his 20-year-daughter, who competed in the Miss USA pageant on June 5, which was won by Miss District of Columbia Deshauna Barber. Nadia made it to the top 5, but didn't go further after flubbing her answer.

Nadia was asked how to fix "social and economic inequality." The beauty queen gave an answer that would have made any politician proud: She stood in silence for about 10 seconds.

"I think the rich and the poor need to stop being so segregated," she eventually said. The silence (she later said she "waiting for God" to give her the words) and the bewildered look was likely her downfall.

Entertainment Weekly even called it the "most cringe-worthy choke."

After the show, she posted a humorous video to Instagram about the evening with the Backstreet Boys' Howie Dorough. To the tune of "I Want It That Way," she sang "Why can't the USA see I don't know about the economy."

She then gave a faux frown face while resting on Howie's shoulder.

Nadia appeared in 2014's short-lived VH1 series, "Suave Says" -- along with her siblings, Jaden and Bianca -- which followed Gerardo's life these days as an A&R record executive turned youth pastor.

Her mother, Kathy Mejia, is a former beauty queen, as well, having been crowned Miss West Virginia USA in 1989.

During the VH1 show, Gerardo joked about his daughter, saying she's making him go bald.

"She is the reason why I wear hats. She has taken every last bit of hair," he said on camera. "She's put me through so much as a dad, but I love her."