This is what happened when YouTube joined forces with "Jackass" and "Punk'D"... well, sort of.

The web's notorious prankters -- Roman Atwood, Dennis Roady and Vitaly Zdorovetskiy -- have teamed with Lionsgate for the feature film "Natural Born Pranksters" that is reminiscent of the Johnny Knoxville-starring franchise and the Ashton Kutcher-led practical joke reality series.

And on Feb. 15, 2106, the film's trailer premiered on the trio's YouTube channels.

Watch the trailer...

With more than 28 million subscribers and three billion views between them, it's no wonder Lionsgate decided to collaborate with these fellas.

You might remember Roman from his intense "Blow up my kid" prank back in October. He convinced his girlfriend, Brittney Smith, that he blew up their 3-year-old son, Kane, in an ATV explosion.

Turned out the boy was a dummy and the explosion was a large pyrotechnics show, but mom was utterly terrified. Of course she was! And she was pissed after that prank. Again, of course she was! The video has been watched more than 26 million times.

He's successfully pranked his girlfriend a few times, actually. Once when he surprised Brittney by filling his entire house with plastic balls that were nearly 3-feet high and another when he tricked her into thinking he threw their son over a two-story balcony. Really, he threw a mannequin.

Roman's upcoming film will hit theaters, and just about every other format -- digital HF, VOD and DVD -- on April Fool's Day. How perfect!

It will feature an array of new stunts, pranks and social experiments, many of which are teased in the hilarious trailer for the film that includes cameos from other YouTubers including Jenna Marble and Furious Pete.

It seems not much is off limits for Roman, Dennis and Vitaly as they do everything from plow into a porta potty with a truck shortly after it's been occupied to making it appear as if Roman has been severely burned by a faulty tanning bed to making customers at a Chinese food restaurant believe dogs are being killed and cooked in the kitchen.

"Natural Born Pranksters" was financed and produced by Studio 71.

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