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We all sort of expect that there was some hanky panky between Nick Jonas and Kate Hudson (after all, he's a had "a lot" of sex,) but if you're hoping for him to confirm, keep waiting.

He isn't a kiss and tell kind of guy. He will, however, openly gush about her.

In an interview with Complex magazine, Nick said Kate is "amazing" and acknowledged that there could be something there.

"Kate's incredible. We had an unbelievable connection as two humans who just admire things about each other, and see something in each other that's beautiful," he said.

The magazine outwardly (awkwardly?) asked if the two had sex, but Nick didn't take the bait … or deny it either.

"Out of my best effort to respect her and her privacy, I'm not going to say if we had sex or not," he said. "But we did have a beautiful connection. Even now I have so much admiration and respect. She's amazing."

The duo caused a stir last year when they were spotted at Disneyland together. They have been seen at together in different cities, as well. The romance took many people off guard due to the 13-year age difference.

Nick said he completely understood the world's fascination with him and Kate.

"[The question] doesn't shock me or surprise me. I don't get pissed off about it," he said. "I've come to accept it. With that in particular. It's a bizarre matchup to a lot of people."

For now, there is nothing serious between the two. In fact, Nick confirmed he's single and admitted that it's taking some getting used to. He split with beauty queen Olivia Culpo last summer after two years. The two openly spoke about marriage.

"It was first excitement to have freedom to be whoever I wanted to be, be my own person. Then the feeling of being disheartened by what's out there. Then getting into crazy artist mode and throwing it all out, the good, bad, and ugly," he said.

He continued, "I've met some people that are amazing. And my current situation is that I'm very much single, but I'm trying to be as open to people who can inspire me in some way."

While he's meeting women the old fashioned way, he's also using technology to meet women, specially the direct message feature on Instagram.

'[I] slide right in there sometimes," she said. "And then you'll text the person and finally meet the person. It's like online dating. Even that freaks me the f--- out. I'm like, should it be a group? Just the person? It's scary."