Hot, steamy and everything in between! That pretty much sums up Nick Jonas' video for his new single "Close," featuring Tove Lo. The song is the first track from his upcoming album "Last Year Was Complicated" that's set for release in June.

If this newest video is any indication of what's in store, gear up for some can't-take-your-eyes-away-from-it-moments.

We can't get enough of the new video and single. Check out five reasons why we can't stop watching to Nick's newest creation.

1. It Means A Lot To Nick

Before the single was released, Nick took to Twitter to tell his fans that how meaningful the album is to him. "I've been making this record for a year and a half... Pouring everything I have into it," he said. "When I first started making it I thought I knew what it would be about... Then I had a breakup," referring to his 2015 split with Miss Universe Olivia Culpo. He later tweeted that it "became very clear what this thing would be about... And that I would need to dig really deep."

2. It's Insanely Hot

What "purity ring?" The steaminess and sexual nature of the video wasn't lost on Nick. Before the video was released, Nick joked that "this music video tomorrow is gonna require a few cold showers afterward." Boy was he right. The video shows Nick and Tove Lo desperately wanting to touch each other while their clothes are ripped off of each other. The tension is palpable, to say the least.

3. It's Matrix-Esque

As Nick and Tove desperately try to be near each other, unseen forces pull them apart. You'd hardly be surprised if Neo from "The Matrix" dropped in and did a famous back bend. Really, Nick hints that it equates to him not getting what he wants with a woman, perhaps Olivia. "Reliving some of these real life experiences through this music is hard," he tweeted, "but I know it's important that I do it. I want to be an open book in my art.."

4. The Song is Good

Like most of Nick's songs, it's catchy as can be. The guy makes good pop music that gets stuck in your head. This could very well be his new "Jealous."

5. He's Vulnerable

The video for "Close" is as gritty as it is steamy. While Nick seems comfortable in front of the camera, he wasn't entirely comfortable making the record, but that's what makes it so good. "The first song you're gonna hear tomorrow night is about how I literally can't open up and be vulnerable with someone," he said a day before the release of "Close." "Every song is so personal and meaningful to me.."