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The Mongolian government can rex, er, rest, a little easier thanks to Nicolas Cage.

The actor returned a 65 million-year-old Tyrannosaurus Rex skull back to the government, a skull that he owned, but was allegedly smuggled into the United States illegally.

Nic is accused of no wrongdoing.

News reports indicate that the skull was auctioned off in New York in 2007, where Nic is believed to have paid $276,000, beating Leonardo DiCaprio for the Jurassic item. However, it turned out, he never really should have gotten the opportunity to bid as it never really should have been in the United States.

Officials are reportedly still trying to figure out who exactly smuggled the dinosaur bones into the country in the first place.

As strange as it sounds, there's apparently a huge demand for dino bones on the black market in Mongolia, and Nic's dino skull wasn't the only one missing. TMZ reports that Mongolian government officials are trying to track down three more Tyrannosaurus Rex skulls, as well as other fossils.