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Nicole Kidman's Christmas shopping for her husband Keith Urban was done before she even started.

In fact, she never even started.

In a chat with Ellen DeGeneres, the "Lion" actress said she and her husband aren't "grinches," they just choose to be festive for their kids, rather than each other.

"We don't give each other gifts at Christmas," she said. Ellen, though, wondered if they would end up sneakily giving something to each other to which Nicole said, "I'll kiss him."

The family will all be together for the holidays, she said, adding that her country singing hubby is in Australia right now on tour. Nicole, as well as the couple's daughters -- Sunday Rose, 8, and Faith Margaret, 5 -- are heading out to be with him.

"So we're his present!," she contested.

While the mere presence of each other is good enough for Nicole and Keith, the same can't really be said for their young girls (as what happens with youngsters).

"They want American Dolls, and they want candy. They want, want, want!" she joked.

Along with their haul, the girls will also be doing some good via their famous parents.

"The one thing we are doing actually, which I just read an article on [and] is a great thing to do, is where they get to chose a charity to donate to, and then we donate," Nicole said. "They get to go online and chose it!"

While Nicole's two young girls are biological, she also has two adopted kids with her ex-husband Tom Cruise.

In her new movie, "Lion" she plays a woman named Sue Brierley, who is also an adoptive mother. In other words, she related to the role.

"Because I always knew I'd adopt, I just always wanted a child," she recently told Vogue. "I think from a very early age, I wanted a child. I knew that I was going to have a child and that it didn't matter [how], I actually didn't know if I was ever going to give birth to a child. So that was the least of it for me. And what I did first was adopt."