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Baby to the rescue! Rumors of marital distress between Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are nothing, but a new report claims that they want to stay together and they believe another child is the key to saving the marriage.

Radar Online is reporting that Nicole has been gaining weight lately to prepare for a third baby.

"Nicole is currently gaining weight because she is trying for another child with Joel," a source says. "After going through a really rough patch she feels that having a baby will help repair everything that is wrong with them."

Every since they said "I do" in 2010, there have been hundreds of reports claiming that the high-profile couple is on the brink of divorce. Thus far, they've proven the skeptics wrong. But, Radar's source said not all is on the up and up with them.

"She is just trying to get pregnant so that she can pressure Joel into staying with her," the source said. "Her inner circle just hopes that she can figure this out before it's too late."

The couple has two children, Harlow, 7, and Sparrow, 6.