McKayla Maroney, the 2012 Olympic cutie pie who shot to fame because of her medal ceremony disappointment, has a new look … and, forgive the pun, people on social media are not impressed.

The now 20-year-old took home a silver medal in the London Games but seemed less than interested on the podium, with many people turning her look into a meme, ribbing her for being "not impressed."

She had a good time with the fanfare, even once mocking herself with President Obama. That was when she was 16 years old and the public applauded her for making light of the face.

Four years later, though, people aren't as forgiving.

On July 10, during a telecast of the US Women's Gymnastics Olympic Trials, old clips of McKayla were shown, prompting many to look her up. They were astonished by her thick lips look, with many giving her an unflattering nickname of "trout mouth."

She certainly looks a lot more grown up.

"What's up with your lips," one mean spirited commenter wrote to her twitter handle. "You look like you got stung by a wasp."

Many have said her new look strongly resembles Kylie Jenner because of her oft-plumped pout, and it's not meant to be a compliment.

"McKayla Maroney looks super different then she did at London 2012," one of the nicer comments read. "Yes, it's been four years... Still."

McKayla certainly seems to be embracing her more adult look. On July 4, she posted a selfie showing off her full lips while a patriotic ensemble, proudly flaunting her curvaceous figure.

Another image show her ample cleavage, as she suggestively drinks a green smoothie.

"Spend all my money on green smoothies," she captioned the snap.

Maybe McKayla is taking it all in stride and focusing on the positive comments. She often posts inspiration quotes to her social media.

"I don't hold back compliments, and maybe that weirds people out," she tweeted on June 28, "but I'd always rather take the chance at making somebody's day over not."

If she can remain so positive in light of the negative comments, that would be impressive.