Olivia Wilde's hair doesn't look presidential anymore, and that's exactly how she wanted it.

The actress revealed on Monday, Dec. 19 that she changed her hairstyle to avoid having a similar look like Donald Trump's wife, the future First Lady, Melania Trump.

"Feelin myself apparently. Thanks to the master @harryjoshhair the chop. #nomoremelaniahair," she captioned an Instagram video showing her new 'do. The hashtag clearly refers to Mrs. Trump.

Before the cut, Olivia had wavy brown locks that fell past her shoulders, very similar to Melania.

Now, she's sporting a lob hairstyle with highlights.

On Monday, her hairstylist, Harry Josh, who also does Karlie Kloss' hair, shared an image of Olivia's new look.

In October of 2013, Olivia spoke to cosmopolitan.com about her ever-changing hair, saying, "When I was 12, I worked my way through the Manic Panic line, if you remember that one. I went with purple, green, blue — I really liked blue — and I really wanted to create a sunset effect, so I did orange into red. I started with those punky colors at a young age and then moved into more high-end silky, creamy blondes, browns and reds. Now I mostly changed my hair for work, but I still change it up pretty often."

This time, though, her hair made a bit more of a statement from a political standpoint.

As evidenced by her not-so-subtle shot at Mrs. Trump, Olivia was a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter in the last election. The actress was very vocal about her support for the Democratic nominee on Instagram in the lead up to the November election. After the election went to Trump, Olivia has been equally as vocal.

Last week she shared an image of herself wearing a T-shirt that said "Electoral College Dropout."

"She won by almost 3 million votes," Olivia wrote, referring to Hillary. "That's basically the population of Lithuania." She's also implied that she's going to march in Washington, D.C. on the day that the Republican president is inaugurated.