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That bump that Olivia Wilde is sporting these days is more beef than baby.

Earlier in the week, Star magazine ran a report speculating that the actress and her boyfriend Jason Sudeikis were expecting. The magazine said Olivia "covertly" covered up her belly at a New York party.

"She and Jason can't wait to become parents again," a source allegedly told Star, a magazine that doesn't always have the best track record of getting it right. The report, which bared the not-so-graceful headline "Bump Or Burger," also said that Olivia avoided alcohol at a Golden Globes party.

The report prompted the actress to take to Twitter to hilariously shoot down rumors, saying that the only "bun" in her oven came from a restaurant or at-home cooking. She even posted a photo from the magazine touting her alleged pregnancy.

"Sorry, Star mag, but you got us confused with the cooler version of us. Congrats to John and Emily!," she wrote, referring to the recent pregnancy announcement of their pals John Krasinski and his wife Emily Blunt. "My bump is all [burger.]"

Olivia used an emoji of a hamburger rather than spell it out, furthering the humor of her tweet.

"They started talking about having another baby as soon as their son, Otis, was born, and it looks like it's finally happening," Star's source said.

Olivia has been fairly open about her son, often gushing about it. At the event in which Star said Olivia sported a baby bump, she told E! of Otis, "He's a little musician. He's wonderful. He's great... I'm very lucky."