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Olivia Wilde looks at a 22-month-old person and knows that that little boy made her a better person in so many ways.

She, of course, is speaking about her son, Otis Alexander Sudeikis, whom she shares with boyfriend Jason Sudeikis.

Of motherhood, she said, "It's made me a better human being, it's made me a better artist, it's made me a more grateful person, a more tired person. Everything it does to every single mother, that's the most amazing thing about it."

She continued, "You become a mother and you go through kind of the same experience. I kept thinking about that during child birth and I think about it every day since.

"It's just something that unites us and that's a really, wonderful, powerful thing so I want to channel that into a role that would be help me be really helpful in some way."

Olivia's comments came while attending the Unite4Humanity event in Los Angeles, an annual star-studded gala honoring celebrities and their humanitarian efforts.

On Feb. 25, the motto was: "Celebrating Hollywood's passion for social good."

Olivia has always had a do-gooder mantra, but now that she's a parent, she feels it's even more important to pay it forward for her son's generation.

"Hopefully he'll just learn by example," she said, referring to Otis, "and just understand that it's the most fulfilled happy kind of life if you're as lucky as I am, and as certainly as my child is.

"I think you're a happier person when you have a way to give back that good fortune," she said.

Olivia often gushes about her son. Last month she told People magazine that Otis has quite the musical ear already.

"I think music has been such a huge part of my life, from the very beginning, and the same for Jason," she said in January. "We want to give that same gift to Otis. And he's already so in love with music and inspired by it."

Otis, she said, already has a preferred playlist.

"He's a huge Bruno Mars fan," she said. "He likes anything Mark Ronson has produced. But he loves Bruno Mars, loves, loves! He loves 'Uptown Funk.' He calls it, 'Too Hot.'"

Of course, he is still a tot, so the occasional kiddie song sneaks into the soundtrack, too.

"We love Yo Gabba Gabba!," she said.